Today private universities gain more recognition in the labour market than government universities. Private university designed a better curriculum than the old one be used in the government universities which government refused to review.

Lecturers in private universities are more dedicated to work than government universities. At level two hundred students of computer Engineering in private universities can physically tell you components of computer because they have access to them which government universities students can not. Practically students of private universities are sound in mind unlike government universities where intimidation from lecturers etc is the order of the day.

The same lecturers that will give handout or textbook to students to go and read without lecture will go on sabbatical leave to private university to lecture and treat students of the schools like king.

The input determines output.
Labour market today are not interested in the name of the university where you graduated from but what can you offer as a graduate.
We are not condemning government but our government should do something to redeem the image of this university.

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