The African Regional President of Scholarship Aid Initiative, Dr. Adebayo Oluwatosin has given a clear and detailed elucidation between HND and BS.C.

Speaking exclusively to Bond 92.9 FM today, September 30th, 2019. Dr. Adebayo said:

Discrimination between HND and BS.C didn’t start in this epoch, the foundation in which the government has previously laid down has deeply affected the concept and mentality of people who seek to obtain either HND or BS.C.
Majority of the populace prefer BS.C to HND and this is because BS.C is more acknowledged than HND. Before an individual can attain an MSC degree, the person must have a BS.C.
MS.C and MBA are all masters, however, there is a limit to the acceptance of MBA while MS.C can be accepted everywhere.

Speaking further, Dr Adebayo said: Most students spend 5-6 years trying to procure HND certificate after which it may not be acknowledged and in trying to obtain a BS.C, the person will either start over from 200 level in a government institution or 300l in a private institution.

Shedding light on the relevance of Polytechnics, Dr. Adebayo said Polytechnics was supposed to harbour engineering courses more than any field of study, however reverse is the case as management courses are being studied more in polytechnics.

Dr. Adebayo commended those who took advantage of this years’ scholarship opportunity and assures that those who gained admission through Scholarship Aid Initiative have already been admitted and admission letters have been disbursed by their various school of choice.
He further stated that those who wish to apply for the next Scholarship Program should exercise patience as proactive measures are being taken and registration commences February, 2020.

Dr. Adebayo however pleaded with the public to debunk any false hearsay aimed at destroying the goodwill of the organization and advised that the public should get in touch with the organization if there is any conflicting or confusing issue.

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