Scholarship Aid Initiative took today on Bond Fm 92.9 to converse about Irrelevant courses being adopted by some tertiary institutions which in turn alter some students’ future.

Speaking on today’s programme (Eko Dirorun) on Bond FM 92.9. Mr. Tomiwa, who represented SAI advice parents whose children are still in secondary school and about processing their tertiary education to always make in depth research about choice of course.

According to him, many students are being driven by an impel desire forge with desperation to be in school, thereby accepting any course that is being granted to them by the university. Unknown to them, those irrelevant courses are underexposed thus leading to an higgledy-piggledy state which will jeopardize their future and give them a hard-bitten experience in the labour market.

He further plead with parents to always monitor the activities of their children as some can be so deceptive in extorting money by giving false information regarding projects, handouts and fees.

Speaking further, Mr Tomiwa urge parents to ensure they keep in touch with the school management on a regular basis in order to verify every claims by their children.

Students are however informed that resumption date remains November 2019 and application process are still ongoing.

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